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How To: Use An Instant URL

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Our ‘Instant URL’ platform feature enables you to instantly add a live website to your list of sites and share it with colleagues or clients, without manually updating the DNS and nameserver records. You don’t need to wait for it to propagate, either.

Your ‘Instant URL’ is created automatically, allowing you to view the website online instantly.


How to create an instant URL site:

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Add Website"

3. From the drop-down, select which server you would like to create the site on

4. The Platform will automatically create an instant URL for you. You can also set up a custom domain at this point if you wish, to do this tick "Create a Custom Domain for your website". Or you could develop the site on the instant URL and update the primary domain later (shown later in this guide).
When you have made the desired configurations click "Create Website"

5. You now have a website with an instant URL.


When the site is ready to launch you can add the custom domain by following the below steps:


How to add a custom domain:

1. Navigate to the website you wish to add a custom domain to

2. Click "Aliases & Redirects"

3. Click "Add Domain"

4. Click the "Domain" field and enter your custom domain

5. Click "Main Website Address" to make your custom domain the primary domain for the site


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