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How to: Request a Power Boost

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This guide will: Explain how Power Boost works and its benefits to you. 

Estimated time to complete: Two minutes


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The Nimbus Power Boost gives you a temporary upgrade to your server specification for seven days. This is helpful if you’re expecting increased website traffic, such as during a promotional period.


Upon request, we’ll increase your server’s memory and processing power to improve its stability and performance during these peak periods. You can activate a Power Boost up to four times per 360-day rolling period.




How to request a Power Boost.


  1. Simply head over to your server page and either select ‘Power Boost’ from the menu on the left-hand side or click on the lightning bolt icon next to the server name at the top
  2. Within the Power Boost overview, click on the ‘Request Power Boost’ button
  3. Select a start date, a reason for the request, and any notes you wish to add
  4. Then hit ‘Confirm’, and we’ll do the rest


Pink lightning.

Once activated, select a server or website from your list to see the lightning bolt symbol in the header turn from grey to pink.



Countdown timer.

If you hover over the pink lightning bolt, you’ll discover how many days of your Power Boost remain.


Power Boost Active.

On your ‘Servers’ overview, you’ll see the message “Power Boost Active” under the relevant server. And it's easier to notice when you have an active Power Boost, thanks to the pink border around the relevant server panel.



Limit warning.

An orange warning appears when your yearly Power Boost usage has been reached. Monitor your annual usage by heading to Servers > Power Boost.




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