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Troubleshooting: NimCache Ultra

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This guide will: Help you to troubleshoot the cookie error that you've seen with NimCache Ultra. 


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  • Cache-control headers and cookies
  • Troubleshooting

Sometimes caching might not work as expected due to various factors, including cookies. Let's explore how cookies can potentially interfere with NimCache Ultra caching.


Cache-control headers and cookies: 

The Cache-Control header is used to instruct browsers and NimCache Ultra on how to cache a particular resource. If the Cache-Control header includes directives like "private" or "no-cache," it indicates that the resource should not be cached or should be cached only privately for a specific user.

Cookies are often used to store session-related information, and if a resource is marked as private or with a no-cache directive in the Cache-Control header, NGINX might honour these instructions to bypass caching for that resource.



To address these issues and allow NimCache Ultra to work effectively, you might need to:

  •  Ensure that your website server is not sending a "Vary: Cookie" header if it's unnecessary
  • Check and adjust Cache-Control headers to permit caching when appropriate, even if cookies are present.

Either of these could be set by a third-party WordPress plugin. We recommend disabling all plugins to see if this resolves it. If it does then enable each plugin one by one until you find the offending plugin.


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