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Platform User Management

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We’ve upgraded user management in the platform.

We’ve made important changes to how you control access to your services with Nimbus, including individual roles and permissions.

These changes came into effect on 4th December 2023, improving user security and simplifying user management. Your user access controls have been moved to the new ‘Organisations’ area in the platform. 

The new ‘Organisations’ area in the platform is the new hub for your services with Nimbus. These include: Invoices, Billing Methods, Users, and Organisation details.

While the existing Client Area is not being immediately removed, this marks the beginning of a shift towards the new 'Organisations' area. 

What this means for you

Your existing details and individual user permissions were moved over to the new ‘Organisations’ area on 4th December 2023.


User Roles

There are three levels of user access for the platform. These settings can be found in ‘Server’ > ‘Users’ or 'Organisations' > 'Users':


1. Super User

If you were a ‘Server Owner’ in the platform AND a main account holder in your Client Area, you’re now a ‘Super User’. You have permission to manage the Organisation, Billing, Users, Servers, Websites, and Domains.


2. Server Manager

If you were a 'Server Owner' in the platform only, a ‘Server User’, or a member of a 'Team', you’re now a ‘Server Manager’. You have permission to manage the Server and Website.


3. Website Manager

If you were a ‘Website’ only user within the platform, you’ll be made a ‘Website Manager’. You’ll have permission to manage Websites.


4. Domain Manager

The Domain Manager role is a new set of permissions. You can grant someone this permission alongside other permissions.

This permission gives the person access to your Domains and DNS records.