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Have permissions for an existing user been changed? (If so, how?)

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  1. No, we‘ll migrate your current settings for user permissions and access levels over to the new roles and permissions, unless you change them.


  1. However, the previous roles will be renamed as follows:

    1. Super User

    If you were a ‘Server Owner’ in the platform AND a main account holder in your Client Area, you’re now a ‘Super User’. You have permission to manage the Organisation, Billing, Users, Servers, Websites, and Domains.

    2. Server Manager

    If you were a 'Server Owner' in the platform only, a ‘Server User’, or a member of a 'Team', you’re now a ‘Server Manager’. You have permission to manage the Server and Website.

    3. Website Manager

    If you were a ‘Website’ only user within the platform, you’ll be made a ‘Website Manager’. You’ll have permission to manage Websites.