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How To: Upgrade To The Latest Version Of PHP – 8.3

The latest version of PHP is here and it’s integrated with the Nimbus platform. If you use this open-source scripting language behind your websites, it’s time to update them. 


In line with best practices, we recommend using the most recent version of PHP to ensure the best performance and security for your sites.


In this support article, discover what’s new with PHP, and how you can upgrade to PHP 8.3 in our platform.

What’s PHP 8.3?


PHP 8.3 is the newest major update to the PHP scripting language. As usual, this update contains some bug fixes, syntax changes, and deprecations. 

It also brings to the table various new beneficial features, including:

  • Explicit typing of class constants
  • Deep-cloning of read-only properties
  • The new “json_validate()” function
  • A new “#[\Override]” attribute for methods
  • The command line linter now supports multiple files and accepts variadic inputs for filenames
  • Additions to the randomness functionality


You can find out more about the technical elements of PHP 8.3 from PHP’s official website:

Before you begin – 3 key tips for a smooth update.


Upgrading your site to the latest version of PHP is quick and easy in the Nimbus platform.


But before you upgrade, it’s worth noting that the website and/or plug-ins might break if they’re not quite ready for the update.


This can happen if the code running on your site uses old functions that the latest versions of PHP no longer support. 


Here are our three key tips:


1.  Back up your site(s).

Your website or its plug-ins may have compatibility issues with the last version of PHP, so back up your site.


2.  Check your plugins and themes.

Take some time to check (and double-check) that your site’s plugins and themes support PHP 8.3. Incompatible add-ons could cause your site to break.


3.  Test your site in a staging environment.

Before making your site live, test it in a staging environment to check the update has gone smoothly. If it’s error-free, you can move it to LIVE.


For a full rundown of guidance documents, PHP features, and FAQs, please refer to the official PHP Manual:

Upgrading your website(s) to PHP 8.3


Follow these simple steps to upgrade a site to PHP 8.3 in our platform:


1. First, head over to your Nimbus server(s) page.

2. To upgrade a website’s PHP settings, select the server that hosts it.

3. Click on the website you’d like to update.

4. Click "PHP & Databases" on the side panel.

5. You can check which version of PHP is running behind your site on the “PHP Version” panel. 

6. Click on the drop-down menu and select the latest version – "PHP 8.3".


7. When you’re ready, click "Proceed".

Remember that your website or its plug-ins might have compatibility issues with the latest version of PHP, so please test the website in a staging environment before making it live.





And that’s your quick and easy guide to upgrading to PHP 8.3 in the Nimbus platform. Once complete, you can expect each updated site to improve in speed, security, and overall performance.


If you encounter any problems with upgrading your sites to PHP 8.3, the PHP website contains an extensive archive of Frequently Asked Questions that should be able to advise you on the best course of action.

And, if you get stuck, our friendly support team is ready to help you – contact support.