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Setting up a Domain to use our Nameservers

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All domains registered with ourselves will utilise our DNS management out the box. But you may have domains registered elsewhere with other providers and want to use the Nimbus DNS management.

Where the DNS is managed for your domain name is determined by nameservers. These are servers that hold a list of DNS records for domain names. They work a bit like a phone book for the internet. 

When you purchase a domain name from a provider it will typically use the providers nameservers by default. But you can normally change your nameservers and therefore change where your DNS is managed. 

Before you change the nameservers on your domain name it's important to have what's often referred to as a "DNS Zone" set up on the nameservers you intend to use. Listed below are the steps on how to get this set up with Nimbus.

First log in to the client area via the following URL - 

Then click on Domains > DNS Management

Under "Add Domain to DNS" type in the domain name you would like to set up on our DNS and click the "Add Domain" button

A green banner will appear at the top of the screen to let you know the domain has been added to the DNS successfully. 

Click the "Edit records" button.

You will be presented with a list DNS records. At this point it's important to replicate any DNS records you have with your previous DNS provider. Once you are happy the records are correct save your changes click the "Save Changes" button.  

You are now ready to change the nameservers to the Nimbus nameservers. 

Our nameservers are: