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Transfer a .UK domain to Nimbus

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This article will explain the process for transferring any domain ending in .uk ( etc) to Nimbus.


1. To transfer your .uk domain to Nimbus, firstly log into the Nimbus Client Area

2. Once logged in click on Domains -> Transfer Domains to US


3. Enter the domain name you would like to transfer to us and leave the Authorisation Code box empty

4. Click Add To Cart

5. Follow the checkout process to check out. Don't worry there's no charge for transferring a domain to us. We just need to create an order so that the domain gets added to our system.  

6. Now that you have placed a domain transfer order, please change the domains Nominet tag to:


You can change your Nominet tag with your old registrar.

Extra Info

  • Changing your Nominet tag is instant so once this has changed we will have control of it.

  • Transferring the registration of a domain doesn't change anything to do with the DNS.

  • It's a good idea to transfer the DNS prior to transferring the domain registration as some registrars will disable any DNS zones once the registration of a domain is transferred.