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How To: Renew A Domain

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This guide will show you how to renew a domain. Domains can be renewed for 1 to 9 years.


1. If you would like to renew any domains you have registered with Nimbus - first log in to the platform via the following URL:

2. To see your domains, go to the left section and click "Domains".

3. Click "Renew" on the domain you wish to renew.

4. You will be shown a popup screen.
This screen will give you data such as:
The domain name, when it is expiring and how much the renewal will cost.
You can now decide for how long you wish to renew your domain.

5. You will now be prompted on how you wish to pay.
You can select a previously saved payment method or you can add a new method.

6. You will be asked to tick to show that you agree with the Terms & Conditions.

7. After you ticked, and agreed to the terms, you will be allowed to confirm your purchase and your domain will be renewed!