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How To: Transfer a .uk Domain Away From Nimbus

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This article will explain the process for transferring any domain ending in .uk ( etc) away from Nimbus.


1. Navigate to the platform and login.

2. Once you have logged in click "Domains".

3. Click the domain you're looking to transfer away from Nimbus Hosting.

4. On the dashboard you will now be given the option to click "Transfer Away".

5. A retag domain page will appear. Enter the new Nominet registrar tag of your new domain registrar.


Extra Info:

  • Changing your Nominet tag is instant and not reversible.


  • Whilst we don’t delete DNS Zones when a domain is transferred out, you might want to move the domain over to the new registrar Nameservers. 


  • The body that looks after the .uk namespace is superb - an organisation called Nominet. If you receive any issues, and you’re the registered domain owner, you can chat to their support team on +44 (0)330 236 9470 or

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