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How it Works

Our Hosting platform works differently from cPanel and Plesk by not being installed on each server that it manages. Instead our platform is based on a number of management servers that connect to each customer server each time a change is requested. As these servers are located on the same network these changes are made instantly.

By not being installed on each server this increases performance and improves security. It improves performance as very little memory and disk space is used by us to manage the server. Security is improved by having less software with full access on each server which means it’s much more difficult to compromise.

By having the platform hosted centrally we can roll out new features and product changes to all our customers much faster. You can expect new features to be rolled out with very little or no interruption to your server at all. We post updates of new changes on our News blog.


When you login into the platform there are one of two pages you’ll land on depending on whether you have access to one or more servers. You can have multiple servers on your account from different Nimbus Hosting customers without having different logins.

If you have access to just a single server you’ll go straight to the dashboard of that server. If you have access to multiple servers you will go to the multiple server dashboard. The multiple server dashboard has a search box that will search domains across all servers making it easier to find where a particular web site is hosted.