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Managing Users

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How do I change the level of platform access for an existing user?


  1. To update a user’s level of access to your organisation, you can do so by going to the Nimbus platform: 


  1. Organisations > [your organisation] > Users


  1. Select the user you wish to change access for


  1. Here, you’ll be able to amend a user’s ‘Role’ and ‘Access’.


  1. Select ‘Edit Membership’


  1. If you wish to amend the set of permissions that user has, toggle on the relevant ‘Role’


  1. If you wish to amend the resource access, you can select this within the ‘Resource Access’ section by either selecting the relevant service or selecting ‘Access All’ to give that user access to all your services


  1. Once you have chosen the ‘Role’ and ‘Access’ for that user, select ‘Apply Changes’ to save your changes


  1. If you start changing the access and wish to revert your changes, select ‘Cancel’, and the role and access will be reverted to its previous state 
    • You can only revert your changes if you haven’t saved the changes you’ve made