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Sustainable Hosting

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All types of businesses, whether they are large or small have a responsibility to reduce their impact on our environment. It is our commitment to continually look to invest in new technologies that allow us to provide a great service to our customers, but also support the planet. We are consistently reacting to social responsible guidance on how Nimbus Hosting can become 100% green and powered by renewable energy, and we prefer to only work with suppliers with the same outlook as ours.

Some of the ways that we are becoming more 'green' are listed below:

Using renewable energy

We have covered our office roof in solar panels and battery storage. We truly believe that renewable energy is the future.

Electric cars

We have an electric car charging point at the office and all company provide cars are electric.

Cycle to work scheme

We are members of the scheme and encourage team members to take part.

Remote working

We run a mixed requirement of working for our team, some time in the office and some time at come. Reducing the consumption of commuting dramatically.


All lighting is energy efficient, both LED and on demand via motion sensors. If there is not somebody moving in a room then the lights go out.

Our data centre providers are also passionate about delivering their service as environmentally friendly as possible. Both have ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, in addition, both are part of the EU Code of Conduct for Data centres. The Code of Conduct is an independent scheme in the EU to certify that a data centre has adopted energy efficiency best practices. This includes using 'green' electricity, fresh air air conditioning systems and running cold aisle containment in all of the data halls. Data centre operators and owners must demonstrate a reduction in energy consumption in a cost-effective manner by improving the understanding of energy demand within the data centre, raising awareness, and recommending energy efficient best practices and targets.