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Client Preview URL

We have a feature in the Nimbus Hosting platform which allows you to use a preview URL/temporary URL for a website so you can show it to your client without having to do any setup or DNS/changing of the site or editing the clients hosts file.

How it works

We use a proxy server to which all preview URLs point, this proxy server substitutes the real and preview URLs in the header both ways between the client and the server. This means that the hosted site is not changed in any way, meaning that no changes are required when putting the site live. See the stages below:

  1. Client computer requests the given preview URL ( via their internet browser. Traffic directed to Nimbus preview proxy server via DNS.
  2. The proxy server looks up the preview URL in a database.
  3. Real IP ( returned.
  4. Proxy server replaces preview URL with the real URL and sends traffic to the web server.
  5. Web server returns the site as it would if the site were live.
  6. The proxy server replaces real URL with the preview URL and sends traffic to the client.

It is this process of replacing URLs that means the site on the server is not adjusted in anyway, yet is returned to the client before going live. This is hugely beneficial as to go live the DNS just need pointing at the web server IP, no website changes are required at all.

How to setup a preview URL

From the Nimbus Hosting Dashboard, click on the cog icon next to your website to manage the hosting for that website. 

From the website dashboard, scroll down and you'll see the section for Client Preview URL.  Click the button to toggle Preview mode on, it will take a second or two to process as it sets up the URL, and it will then update with the temporary URL you'll be able to use to access the website using that URL.