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Downloading a Backup of Your Website

This guide explains how to download a copy of your site from either one of the nightly backups or a manual backup you may have taken for your website. This is useful for keeping a copy of your site on a local machine, or for you keeping a backup of it somewhere else for resiliency. We've made it easy to download a copy of it straight from our Hosting Platform.


1. First go to the website dashboard for the site you would like to download a backup of.

2. From the website dashboard, click on Backups in the left hand pane

3. You'll see your restore points listed in data order from most recent to the oldest one stored.  Click on the cloud icon to the right hand side of the one you want to download.

4. Your download will then be prepared and an email sent to you once it's ready.  Simply return to this page and the cloud icon will change to a download button.  Click on it and your backup will download.