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Using SSH Keys Within our Hosting Platform

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Every website will have it's own SSH login details which you can find on the websites dashboard. This will let you log in via SSH to the specific site with an SSH username and password.


In addition to user/password authentication for SSH, you can now connect using SSH keys.


Before you follow the steps in this guide you will need to generate yourself an SSH key. If you are unsure on how to do this please see some of the below links for reference:


macOS (Terminal)

Windows 10 (PuTTYgen)


Installing your SSH key onto your account


Once you have generated your key on your local computer you will need to install it in your profile.


First click on Account on the left hand side of the screen and select SSH Keys


Then click on Add Key and then paste your SSH key into the key details box and then click Add Key



Your SSH key should now show up in your profile.



Enabling access via SSH keys to your websites


Now that your SSH key has been installed into your profile you will need to add it to the sites you would like to connect to using it.


Navigate to your websites dashboard and click on the FTPS, SSH & Git option in the left hand pane:



On the page find the Manage SSH keys panel and click the Add Key button



Find your SSH key from the dropdown list and finally click the install key button:




You will now be able to connect via SSH to the server using the servers hostname, the websites username and your SSH key