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How To: Create Scheduled Tasks (Cron Jobs)

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1. Log in on the platform.
Then, from the dashboard, scroll down to your websites.

2. Click on the website for which you would like to set up a scheduled task.

3. Click "Advanced"

4. Head to the Scheduled Tasks panel and click "Add Task"

5. You will now get the opportunity to decide when the task happens, and what command you wish to run, and you can assign the name of the task.

6. You have the option of intervals as shown in the image:
Every Minute, Every Minute, Every Five Minutes, Every Ten Minutes, Every Half Hour, Every Hour, Once A Day, Once A Month or Custom.

7. If you pick Custom, you can set it as a cron job. There are online calculators that are useful in creating cron jobs.

8. Write your command in the binary including the pwd (print working directory).
Give it a memorable name.

9. Click "Create" and now you've created a scheduled task.


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