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Using SMTP Relay for Outgoing Mail

Using an SMTP relay for your sites outgoing emails is a great way to both improve the reliability for any emails your sites may send, whether it be order emails, password reset emails or anything else. 

Whilst you can use your Nimbus server to send out emails using the in built local mail service, this can be problematic due single IP email not being trusted by third party recipients. We therefore recommend using SMTP relay where email is an important aspect of your site. 

Not only will using SMTP relay make your email more reliable as it's being sent from a range of IP's instead of just one, but they often come with tools that allow you to easily view and manage the emails being sent from the site. 

SMTP relay can be configured in a number of ways, typically you would do this via your site or application for example using a WordPress plug-in. However we have developed a feature for enabling relay in the Platform which means one less plug-in to maintain on your site. 

The SMTP relay feature can be found on your servers configuration page: