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Getting Started with Backups

The new backup feature built right into our platform gives you the ability to back up and restore your websites files and databases with just a few easy steps. We've made the management of your sites backups quick and easy giving you more control of them.

You can find the new backups feature by clicking on the Backups link in the left hand side of your Websites Dashboard.

How many backups can I take?

The platform will automatically create nightly backups of your site going back 14 days. You can also create a backup manually if you wish. This gives you the ability to take a backup of your site if for example you were about to commence some changes or updates giving you a snapshot to fall back on should things go wrong. Creating a new backup if you have already have 14 will remove the oldest backup for that site.

Where are my files backed up to?

Each server has been set up with it's own secure Amazon S3 bucket that will store your websites backups.

Are the backups transferred securely?

Yes they are. The backup data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption before it leaves the server and is sent to the Amazon S3 bucket.

What time are the backups taken each day?

Your website will be automatically backed up each night at 2AM. 

Do I have to have the whole site restored or can I just get a specific file/database?

Currently the backups feature is not granular so you cannot restore a specific file or folder from a backup. However you can choose between restoring just files, or just the database if the need arises.

Can my developer get access to the backups?

Yes you can, backups are available for both website level and server level users. 


We have the following how-to guides that explain exactly how to use the Backups feature, please click on the links below to learn more:

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