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How to Restore Your Site

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This guide explains how to restore your site from either one of the nightly backups or a manual backup you may have taken for your website.




1. First go to the website dashboard for the site you would like to restore.


2. From the website dashboard, click on Backups in the left hand pane



3. You will then be presented with a list of backups that you can restore from. To restore a site click on the Restore button on the right hand side of the page.



3. You can choose to overwrite your existing site, restore to a different site on your server or add a new site on your server to restore to.  Creating a new site is a simple way to access historical files and databases without having to overwrite your current live site, a good solution if you need access certain files from an old copy of the site, or access to an old database.  Please note: if you use this option you will need to update the database connection string in the site files and the URL in the database in order for the new site to load.



4. Select from the options for what you would like to restore. You can restore just the files, just the database or both at the same time depending on your needs.  Click Restore Now to start the restore.



Note: Large sites make take some time to restore.