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Backups Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble with a website Backup? This guide explains some tips and tricks you try should you come across an issue.


  • My backup or restore is taking a long time to complete, what should I do?

    Your websites size will determine how long a backup will take. You can keep an eye on the current tasks by hovering on the action menu at the top of the page to see if a backup is still running. 

  • I need to restore a specific file from a backup?

    The backups are currently not granular meaning that restoring the site from a backup point will restore all the files for your site. You can however pick between just restoring a database, just restoring your files or restoring both.  Alternatively restore to a new site (disk space permitting) to access the files/database that you need or download a copy of the backup.

  • Can I change the time my nightly backups take place?

    The nightly backups are scheduled to run when your server is the least busy. We've set these to run at 2AM. Currently it's not possible to change the times that they run.