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Upgrade to Extended Backups for Super-Strong Compliance and Continuity

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Where would we be without backups? Constantly on the edges of our seats? Going slowly round the bend? Sounds about right. Knowing our websites are regularly backed up and easy to retrieve gives us all the peace of mind we need to get on with the job – and sleep at night.


Backups are free on the Nimbus Hosting platform.

So it’s good to know, if you’re on our platform, you’re already getting free daily backups as part of your package. We do them in the wee small hours (between 1 and 3am) and keep them for 14 days.


To keep your backups super safe, they’re stored off the server in an AWS bucket. Need to restore your website to an earlier version? No problem. You can restore your site through our platform using this simple guide.


Upgrade to 28 day backups in seconds.

We know backups are important so that's why 14 day backups are included with your hosting package. But we know some of you need more. Lots of companies now need to retain more backups to tick those compliance and business-continuity boxes – so we’re making it even easier to get them set up, straight from your dashboard.


You can now upgrade to 28 day backups in a couple of quick clicks. When you do, they’ll continue to happen while you’re tucked up in bed, and they’ll be kept for a reassuring 28 days. 


They’ll continue to be stored off site with AWS, so in the unlikely event of a major issue at our main data centre, your websites will still be backed up, safe and sound, at a separate location. It’s next-level peace of mind, from only £5 a month.


Want to upgrade? Here’s how…

  • Choose the server you want to back up
  • Open up your dashboard
  • Click on Daily Backups
  • Click on See Upgrade Options
  • Choose the upgrade you want
  • Hit the big yellow Confirm Upgrade button. Job done!