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PHP-FPM Configuration

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We've got a new feature (currently in Beta) where you can adjust some of your PHP-FPM settings through our platform.  The settings and their default values are:

max_children - 50

start_servers - 1

min_spare_servers - 1

max_spare_servers -1

These settings dictate the maximum number of concurrent PHP-FPM processes allowed to run on a server.  If the incoming requests need the server to create more processes than the allowed limit (for example high traffic volume on the site) the requests are put in a queue to wait to be 'served'.  This can result in slow response for page loads and queries on the website and increasing these limits may help.  

To adjust these settings first log in to the platform and select the website from the dashboard, then select Upgrade PHP version or PHP & Databases in the side menu

Scroll down to the PHP Configuration section and click PHP-FPM Settings to show the settings.  

Please be aware that at the time of writing this feature is in Beta.

These settings should be changed with care, if you're seeing an issue we'd recommend increasing them in increments, try increasing the max_children to 75 and the others to 2 initially to see if that resolves the issue.  Click Save PHP-FPM Settings to save the changes.