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Website Tags

For ease of management, the Nimbus Hosting platform offers you the ability to apply tags to each website on a server. This greatly improves your ability to group sites and improves the search so that you can find what you need to find faster. You can apply whatever tags you like to a website and as many as you like. These tags could be used to group sites for a particular customer, CMS, package type, etc. You can then use the search feature in the platform to search for one of these tags and see all applicable websites.

Add a new tag

To add a tag to a website, click on the 'Tag' icon to the right of the website on which you'd like to add a tag on the server management dashboard.

From here you can add a tag and colour for that tag. Just input the tag name, select a colour and click 'Add'.

Removing a tag

Removing a tag is simple, you just have to hover over a tag and an 'x' will appear, just click that 'x' to remove the tag.