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Enabling Server Notifications

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You can now enable email notifications in the Nimbus Hosting platform to keep you alerted and up to date about exactly what your server is doing. 

To enable notifications simply click on the 'Account' option on the far left of your screen and then select 'Notifications' from the adjacent panel.

Then click the toggles next to the notifications you would like to receive

Here is a breakdown of exactly what each of the Notifications are for:

Automatic Allow IP Confirmation Emails - Receive an email when a new IP gets added added to the allow list on your server. Very handy for keeping an eye on who is accessing your server!

New Website Application Installed Emails - Receive an email if a user installs a new application on your server such as WordPress or Magento


Disk Space Notification Emails - Keep apprised on how much of your servers disk space you are using by turning these notifications on

CPU and Memory usage at xx% - You'll want to turn just one of these notifications on depending on what threshold you want to be notified at.

Server restart notification emails - Get alerted if a user reboots your server

Website A records have changed emails - The Nimbus platform will check your websites DNS and email you once a night to let you know if your websites A records have changed. This can be useful for if a domain has expired or if one of your clients has changed their DNS without telling. Sites have to have been live on your Nimbus Hosting account for over 7 days to use this feature and it will check all the websites on all the servers that you are an owner of.