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Automatic OS Security Updates

By default all our servers are built to automatically apply security updates, therefore making sure your server is bang up to date.  Some of those updates will require a server reboot in order to fully apply those updates, but we understand that can be problematic for some sites so it won't automatically reboot.  We do send out notifications every 6 months to let you know that you need to reboot the server to apply these, and you can then schedule that reboot at a time that's convenient for you and your sites.  

Log in to the platform and select Restart Services from the server dashboard

Under the heading Reboot Server you'll see a Schedule button.  Select it and click in the Schedule box to display the calendar which will allow you to select a date and a time for the reboot and you're done.

If you would prefer for those Security updates to not automatically apply then you can turn this off, but we strongly recommend you don't.

From the Server Dashboard select Configuration.

Scroll down to the Automatic OS Security Updates section and toggle the feature off.