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How To: Block Nuisance Website Traffic

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Heavy traffic can escalate server load, consuming resources and potentially leading to downtime while also burdening bandwidth. However, with the Nimbus Hosting platform, mitigating this disruptive traffic is effortlessly manageable. This functionality effectively thwarts undesirable traffic, including bots, scrapers, and crawlers, safeguarding your websites on the server. See below for a comprehensive list of blocked entities.

1. Navigate to Nimbus hosting and log in.

2. Click "Servers"

3. Click on your server.

4. Click "Security"

5. Scroll down to 'Block Nuisance Website Traffic'. Click on the toggle to enable the setting.

6. You have successfully enabled 'Block Nuisance Website Traffic' on your server.

Please be aware that this function provided on the Nimbus Hosting platform will not block the likes of Google and Bing from accessing your sites on the server.


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