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Holding Page Being Displayed

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If you're trying to view your newly moved or created website but instead of seeing the site you see a 'holding page' you could have one of 2 issues as we have 2 types of holding page.


If you see the following then this indicates and issue with the DNS for the website.  The DNS zone has been created with a default IP address (, to resolve this you need to the change the A records for both the w's and non w's (i.e. and to your server's IP address.  You can find the server's IP address on the server dashboard in the Platform, and we have a guide for editing your DNS records here.



The other type of holding page you may see if the one below.  Nimbus Hosting servers have a default holding page that is displayed when traffic hits the server but the server cannot find a configuration to know what to load, the holding page displays the server hostname that is serving the page. See below:



Hostname displayed is not your server? This would indicate a DNS issue, you may have made an error. Check your DNS to ensure that it is pointing at the correct IP.


This page will be displayed if a domain is requested from a server, a domain that is not configured on that server. Please check the websites and domain aliases within the Nimbus Hosting platform to ensure one exists that matches exactly the URL being requested. This includes www in the domains section. See guide below for checking this:


If the domain is present, it may be that you have browsed the URL on https:// and the URL is not present on the SSL. You can check that using the guide below: