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Troubleshooting Too Many Redirects

Picture the scene, you've just migrated your site over, updated the DNS and when you visit the site you get that haunting message... 'This website isn't working, Too Many Redirects'.  Here's a few troubleshooting steps to try to see if you can resolve it.


Is your site loading on https?  If so, how are you redirecting traffic from http to https?  

  1. If you're using a plugin then try disabling it.  
  2. If you're using the Hosting platform to redirect then try turning the HTTPS redirect off (here's a link to the article for setting that redirect, just scroll down to the https section).  
  3. Check your .htaccess file on the site too.  You can do this either by FTP (here's the guide for finding your FTP details) or SSH (here's the guide for finding your SSH details).  Open the .htaccess file and look for something like the text below (there are a few variations, but it should look similar).  We wouldn't suggest deleting it, but you can hash it out (so it's not in use) by putting a # at the start of the line and saving the file.  Once you've done that then try loading the site again.  If that doesn't resolve the  issue then remove the # and resave the file.

RewriteEngine On 

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]


Check to see if the Site URL and Home (WordPress) or the secure and unsecure Base_URLs (Magento) are correct. Chances are you won't be able to access the backend of the site, but these are in the site's database will also contain this information (here's the guide for accessing the database).  If you have to change them then it's worth clearing the cache after.   If your site is a WordPress one then you may have the URLs defined in there, so using FTP or SSH open the wp-config file and make sure that those are the right ones.




Preview URL


Do you see Too Many Redirects when you're using the Preview URL feature in the Hosting platform?   If you are then there is a link by the feature where the Hosting platform will attempt to resolve the error for you.  Click the link and go back to the site and refresh the page.  If that doesn't sort it then try turning the Preview URL off and back on again.  When you do this it generates a new Preview URL, so remember to test using the new one.

Other things to try

If it's a WordPress site then you may have a plugin that's redirecting the site so it's worth disabling your plugins.  If you're not able to log in to the backend then FTP or SSH to the site and rename the plugins folder and then reload the site.  If it doesn't fix it don't forget to rename it back.