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Transfer a domain away from Nimbus

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This article will explain the process for transferring a domain away from Nimbus.

Please note. For transferring a domain ending in .uk ( etc) please follow our Transfer a .uk domain away from Nimbus guide instead. 


1. To transfer your domain away, firstly log into the Nimbus Client Area

2. Once logged in go to Domains -> My Domains to see the list of domains you currently have registered with us.

3. Select the domain that you're looking to transfer, click on the down arrow on the right hand side and select Manage Domain.

4. Unlock the domain ready for the transfer by selecting Registrar Lock and then Disable Registrar Lock.

5. Then select Get Auth Code your auth code will display.

6. Finish the transfer process with your new registrar. You'll then need to provide them with the Auth code you have just generated. 

Extra Info

  • Transferring domains typically takes 5-7 days to complete. You can check the progress of your transfer with your new registrar.

  • Ensuring your domains contact details are up to date can aid in a smoother transfer as the new registrar may use your domains registrant email address to approve the transfer.

  • Whilst we don't delete DNS Zones when a domain is transferred out, you might want to move the domain over to the new registrars Nameservers - they should be able to assist you with this.