How access is managed to a server is at the core of how our platform works. We’ve designed this process to be as simple as possible.

There are three ways to grant access to a server, either as an owner, a standard user or a website restricted user. Both standard and owner users have full access to the server although an owner has the ability to invite other users to manage that server. A website restricted user on has access to specific websites. You must have 'owner' status in order to add other users, otherwise the invitations they receive to become users will not pass the authentication stage.

Inviting a user

To invite a user, click on the 'Servers' link on the left hand side in the blue section to show all the servers you have access to,  the server you want to grant access to, and then click Users.

Click Add User, then type the email and click Invite User to begin the process.  If you want to restrict the user to one site, tick the 'Restrict access to the website level' and select the appropriate website from the list.

When inviting a user, they will either be sent an invitation to register for an account or, if they already have an account, the server will be automatically added to that. Once an invitation has been accepted the user will have full access to the server.

To remove access, click the delete icon next to the user you would like to remove. Access will be removed immediately.

Inviting an owner

Anyone that currently has access to your server can be made an owner by the current server owner.

Viewing users who have access to your server

A list of who has access to each server is available under the Users tab on each server. Users and owners are displayed separately.

Here are some scenarios on types of users to use

  1. You are a direct client of Nimbus and have an agency managing your web site.

In this scenario, we recommend adding your agency contact as an owner of the server. This owner can then invite and remove his team as and when is required.

  1. You are an agency and would like to give your clients access to their server.

In this scenario, we recommend adding the client as a regular user. The client will then be able to contact you if they require additional users.