How to add an additional FTP user using STORM

First you need to log into STORM

Once logged into STORM, you will be taken to the STORM dashboard.

You will need to have set up your website in STORM before you can set up and manage your FTP users. Please see our Setting up a website guide with details on how to do this.

From the STORM dashboard, click on Websites.

Click the cog icon next to your website to manage your website.

Click on FTP.

Click the Add FTP User button.

Enter your desired username into the Username field. This can be anything you like.

For the Directory field you can leave this as / which is the default web root for your website (usually Public) or you can specify a particular folder within the site that you would like the FTP user to have access to.

Select an expiry time for your FTP user. We recommend that you set an expiry date for security reasons. This feature is useful for if you would like to grant FTP access for a specific period of time.