We strongly recommend that you protect your STORM account using 2-factor authentication. To get started you will need to have an authentication app installed on one of your mobile devices, we would recommend using Google Authenticator for this which can be downloaded here. Once you have this app installed, follow the simple steps below to set up and start using 2-factor authentication when logging into STORM.

First you need to log into STORM. Once logged into STORM, you will be taken to the STORM dashboard.

Click on your avatar displayed in the top right corner of the page and click on Security.

Click the toggle button in the Two Factor Authentication section.

A code, along with a QR code, will be displayed ready for you to scan with your authentication app. If you are using Google Authenticator, open the app and tap the + icon.

Tap Scan barcode and scan the QR code that is displayed in STORM.

That's it. The next time you log into STORM you will be prompted to enter your authentication code after your password.