How to install Drupal using STORM

First you need to log into STORM.

Once logged into STORM, click on Websites.

Click the Add Website button.

Enter your domain name into the Domain field.

Choose the PHP Version from the drop down menu.

Select Drupal from the drop down menu. STORM will automatically select the recommended PHP version.

Enter title of your site into the Site Title field.

Enter your email address into the Email Address field. Please note that this will be the email address that is used to reset your Drupal password if you ever forget it.

Enter your desired username into the Username field.

Enter your desired password into the Password field.

Click the Create Website button. STORM will now take care of installing Drupal for you.

That's it. Your website has been set up with a fresh installation of Drupal on your server.

Please see our other guides on Accessing your FTP details and Pointing your domain to your server.