Let’s Encrypt is a basic free SSL project that enables any web site to have an SSL certificate for no cost. Nimbus integrated Let’s Encrypt into STORM to offer our customers a free SSL certificate installed within minutes with no technical knowledge or lengthy validation process.

Once Let’s Encrypt is enabled on your primary web site domain you can add additional domains to form a multi domain SSL called a Multi SAN certificate. The maximum of domains or subdomains you can have on a single certificate is 100.

STORM will automatically renew this certificate every 90 days as long as the domain is still pointing at your STORM server. The SSL renewal process will still work should you add Password Protection to the site or if you redirect the domain in STORM.

Let’s Encrypt will be supporting wildcard domains, ie *.nimbushosting.co.uk, in the future. There are no plans for them to support EV, green bar, SSL certificates.

Redirects and HTTP Password Protection

When your renewal occurs you do not need to worry about redirects and password protection. STORM will bypass these so your SSL renewals automatically.

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Adding a Let's Encrypt certificate to your Website