First you need to log into the Nimbus Hosting platform.

Once logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard.

You will need to have set up your website on the Nimbus Hosting platform before you can install an SSL certificate on your site. Please see our Setting up a website guide with details on how to do this.

From the Nimbus Hosting dashboard click on Dashboard.

Click the cog icon next to your website to manage the settings for this specific site.

Click on HTTPS/SSL or Manage HTTPS.

To Enable Let's Encrypt Click the toggle to turn it on.

Now be patient, Let's Encrypt can take a minute or two to generate and apply the certificate. 

Additional Settings:

If you have multiple domains/alias you will be able to add an Let's Encrypt SSL for them as well, similar to doing it on the main domain but they will be listed at the bottom.

You can also do the HTTP to HTTPS redirect via the platform by going to  Aliases & edirects and enabling HTTPS redirect