From the STORM dashboard, click on Websites.

Click the cog icon next to your website to manage your website.

Click on Duplicate

Do note that the Duplicate section will only show up if you didn't specify a CMS when Setting up a Website either as a fresh install or just moving an existing one.

Click Configure

Here you can make some changes such as Enabling Password protection or Disabling Search engine from Crawling your site, as well as changing the name of the staging site. The Default for the staging site name is

Click Create Duplicate Website once you've made your changes

STORM will now go and duplicate your website, depending on the size of the website you're copying it can take anywhere from seconds to minutes.

Whilst this is going on it's worth checking you've got valid DNS setup for the staging site.

The duplicate website function will not update the site files or database like the Staging function, so you may have to update these yourself.