A new feature has been added to Storm which allows you to use a preview URL / Temporary URL for a WordPress website so you can show it to your client without having to do any setup of DNS / Changing of the site or Editing the clients hosts file.

The way this works when enabled is that Storm will update the websites URL in the database + wp-config.php file and create a DNS entry on a domain, this does mean that whilst Preview Mode is enabled that the site won't work on the normal website URL/Domain.

From the STORM dashboard, click on the cog icon next to your website to manage the hosting for that website. 

As long as the website was selected as WordPress when initially setting it up you should have the below at the top of the websites dashboard, click the toggle to turn on the preview mode for the site

Once you've clicked the button to toggle Preview mode on it will take a second or two to process as it makes the changes, it will then update with the temporary URL you'll be able to use to access the website

When you are ready to put the site live and have it on the normal domain you will need to toggle preview mode back off so it's able to revert the changes made and allow the site to load on the actual domain name.