Tagging is a feature to make it easier to sort, view and organise your websites on STORM. On a STORM server with plenty of websites it can be difficult to remember which website belongs to which client, even the status of website build or even how much client’s pay. The new Tagging system in STORM will make this process far easier, as you can search your websites by tags on the website list page and the tags will be displayed next to the site.

From the STORM dashboard click on Tagging

This will display a list of all the sites on the server, using the search box you can also search for a website or tag and clicking on a site will take you to that sites separate management panel much like the Websites Tab. Click on the Add Tag button to get started with adding tags

In the Tag name field you can type anything you want to have the site tagged by I.E: Client Name, Package, CMS... and then select the applicable Website from the Website dropdown. You can also choose a colour to add to the tag, by default it is blue if you don't select one. After clicking Add Tag the tag will be instantly displayed next to the website

You can see here that when in the Website tab the tags display and when searching it will filter out the other sites