On the deployment page select GitHub

Sign into your GitHub account

If your repository is set up under an organisation then before you click on the Authorise button it's really important you first click the Grant button next to any organisations that have repositories in them that you want to deploy from. 

Now click on Authorise

You will now be redirected back to the deployment page in STORM. 

Select either your GitHub user to access repositories under set up under your user or select your organisation to access repositories set up under your user. In the example below my user is NimbusLuke and my organisation is nimbus-test-organisation. I am going to pick NimbusLuke as my repository is set up straight under that user. 

Next, type in the name of your repository into the repository name box

Then select the branch you would like to deploy

And then select the directory you would like to deploy to

And lastly click the Manually Deploy Code button to deploy

You can check to see if your deployment was successful at the bottom of the deployment page