For setting up deployment on STORM using GitHub, please see our setup guide here:

Once you have run through the initial steps to for setting up deployment you might run into a problem with not being able to select your team or organisation from the repository drop down menu.

In this example my GitHub username is NimbusLuke and I have created an organisation in my GitHub account called "nimbus-test-organisation".

As you can see from the below screenshot my username is able to be selected, but my organisation isn't.

This is because STORM hasn't been granted access to the organisation through my GitHub user. If you find you are in this situation, please follow the below steps on how to grant access. 

Firstly you will need to deauthorise your GitHub account by clicking the Deauthorise button in STORM

You will also need to deauthorise within GitHub itself. This can be done by clicking on your profile in the top right of the screen and clicking Settings

Then click on Applications, then Authorised OAuth Apps, and then STORM

Then click the Rovoke access button

Once access has been revoked, go back into STORM and navigate back to the Deployment page.

On the deployment page select GitHub

Sign into your GitHub account

Then before you click on the Authorise button it's really important you first click the Grant button. Not clicking this will mean that you wont able to select your team or organisation from the repository. 

Once you have clicked on Grant you should see a small green tick next to the organisation

Now click on Authorise

You will now be redirected back to the deployment page in STORM and you should now be able to select your organisation from the repository drop down menu

And that's it. Now that you can select your organisation you will be able to select any of the repositories set up within that organisation.