First you need to Log in to your Cpanel control panel.

1. To create a new mail box go to Account Information > List Accounts > Click on the CP logo of the domain you want to create a mailbox on > Click on Email Accounts

2. Enter a User name and Password then hit Create Account. (By default the mail limit quota is set to 250mb, you can change this to be larger or select the Unlimited option)

3. Your email account is now set up, repeat this process to continue adding more.




Set up mail forwarding & Adding an email alias

1. Click the Forwarders button, then click on Add Forwarder

2. Fill the Address to forward filed with the email you want forwarded, Fill the destination field with the email address of where you want this mail sent to. Click Add Forwarder and you’re done!

3. The same exact steps are used to add an alias as well, put the alias as the address to forward and the account you want the alias on as the destination email.