If you've purchased an SSL elsewhere that you'd like to install on your Plesk server, please follow this guide.

NOTE 1: If you have more than one site/SSL on your server, you'll need an additional IP address from us to configure your site on - these are £35 plus VAT a year - drop us a line/email/support ticket if required. 

NOTE 2: Unfortunately, if you purchased the SSL elsewhere, we won’t be able to offer phone/ticket support on installing it - please contact the issuer for support if required. 

1. Login to Cpanel and click on SSL/TLS.

2. Click on Install an SSL Certificate on a domain


3. Fill in the Domain, IP Address, Certificate and Private key fields. Pay particular attention to the Domain Name field - this will need to exactly that of the SSL. Click Request once this is all filled in. 

4. Click on Install

Your website will now have the SSL certificate added.