If you've purchased an SSL elsewhere that you'd like to install on your Plesk server, please follow this guide. 

NOTE 1: Unfortunately, if you purchased the SSL elsewhere, we won’t be able to offer phone/ticket support on installing it - please contact the issuer for support if required. 

Installing on a dedicated/shared IP address

This will make the installed SSL available on all sites using the IP address you apply the SSL to.

1. Login to Plesk and navigate to Tools & Settings -> SSL Certificates.

2. Click on + Add

3. Fill in the Certificate Name, and the Contact Details highlighted. Pay particular attention to the Domain Name field - this will need to exactly that of the SSL. Click Request once this is all filled in.


4. Click on the domain the SSL was requested for.

5. Copy the CSR, and give this to the issuing body for the SSL.

6. Now you’ve got the SSL from your issuer copy and paste in the Certificate and CA Certificate fields that the SSL issuer will give you. Click 'OK'.

7. To Apply the SSL to an IP address Go back to Tools & Settings, then IP Addresses.

8. Click on the IP you want to apply the SSL to.

9. Select the SSL certificate we just installed to work on that IP address. That completes the SSL install so we just need to check your subscription/site is set to run over SSL.

10. Go to Subscriptions -> the domain you have installed the SSL for. 

11. Click on Hosting Settings

12. Click 'Enable SSL Support' if it isn't already enabled.

13. This will enable the site to use the SSL applied to the IP address. You'll now need to configure your site to operate over SSL. This is usually done within the sites .htaccess or CMS.