Set up an SSL on a site via SNI (Server Name Indication)

SNI allows you to have multiple different websites all on one IP address but each to have its own valid SSL certificate, rather than requiring each site to have its own dedicated IP address


1.Go to Subscriptions -> the domain you want to install the SSL for.

2.Click on SSL/TLS certificates

3.Click on Add SSL/TLS Certificate

4.Fill in the Certificate Name, and the Contact Details highlighted. Pay particular attention to the Domain Name field - this will need to exactly that of the SSL. Click Request once this is all filled in.

5.Click on the domain the SSL was requested for.

6.Copy the CSR, and give this to the issuing body for the SSL.

7.Now you’ve got the SSL from your issuer copy and paste in the Certificate and CA Certificate fields that the SSL issuer will give you. Click 'OK'.

8. Go to Subscriptions -> the domain you have installed the SSL for.

9. Click on Hosting Settings

10. Click 'Enable SSL Support' if it isn't already enabled. Select the SSL from the drop down

11. This will enable the site to use the SSL. You'll now need to configure your site to operate over SSL. This is usually done within the sites .htaccess or CMS.