The Nimbus Hosting platform displays server metrics on the server dashboard to display what resource levels your server is running at. The platform can also be set to notify you should one of these resources be running high, but that may not be enough, you may want a more in depth view of what is happening on your server, and some historical data. New Relic is great for this and even comes with a free version. Please see the information below for setting this up.

First, sign up to New Relic here -

Once you are all signed up and verified, login and click 'Add your data'

Scroll down to Host operating systems and click Ubuntu.

Select the relevant OS version and click 'Setup instructions'

Copy the code and run on your Nimbus Hosting server via SSH, you have to run this as the root user

Once the above has been run via SSH on your server, click 'Listen for data' in your New Relic window.

That's it, you are all done.