The Nimbus Power Boost is an increase in your server specification for 7 days. Upon request we can increase the memory and processing power of your server to improve its stability and performance over peak periods. Sometimes up to double or more!

Please note that the power boosts only apply to our VPS and Cloud server packages and are subject to availability. Disk space cannot be adjusted on a temporary basis.

There are 2 ways of requesting a free temporary boost, either through the website Client Area or via the hosting platform.

 Click on 'Request Power Boost, fill out the form and we'll do the rest!

Alternatively, from the dashboard on the hosting platform, click on 'Power Boost' from the options on the left hand side (at time of publishing this is currently in Beta)

Click on Start Date and select the date you want your Power Boost to start and select a reason in the box below. Once you're done, click on the Request Power Boost button and again we'll sort the rest.