This guide explains how to set up and install Magento 2 on the Nimbus Hosting platform. Magento 2 is available to install on our platform on Oxygen packages and up. 


1. From the server dashboard click on the "Add Website" button to add a new website.

2. Enter your desired domain, select "Magento 2" as your application from the drop down menu, select "Install Application", then click "Create Website"

Note: When adding a website to a Nimbus Hosting server that’s running Magento 2 it’s very important to select the CMS from the application drop down menu regardless of whether you are setting up a new site from scratch, or if you are moving an existing Magento 2 site to the server. This will ensure that that hosting is set up correctly for running Magento 2

3. A pop up will appear whilst the platform carries out that all the necessary pre-requisites are installed on the server. 

Note: If the servers MariaDB version isn't newer than 10.2 then the platform will flag this and not allow you to proceed with the install of Magento 2. This is due to Magento not supporting older versions of MariaDB. In this scenario please contact support and we will happily arrange getting MariaDB upgraded for you. 

4. The Nimbus Hosting platform will now install Magento 2. We also install ElasticSearch as part of the Magento 2.4 install which will happen in the background. You can check the progress of this at the top of the page in the actions menu.


That's it, you've now installed Magento 2 via the Nimbus Hosting platform. For further information on using Magento 2 on the platform please see our Magento 2 getting started guide here.