In this guide we show you how to replace your live production website with your staging one.

For demonstration purposes we have 2 websites on our server; ‘’ this is the live website that we want to switch and ’’ which is the nice and shiny new website.


1. From the Server Dashboard click on the live website (this is the old website that you want to replace).

2. Then click on the Configuration page and select "Change Domain"

3. Enter the new domain, add something like 'OLD' in caps to the end of it so it's easily distinguishable and then click "Change Domain".

4. Check the additional domains section on the old site. Remove any that will need to be associated with the new site.

5. Navigate back to the Server Dashboard. You will see the renamed domain on the list and both domains now showing an exclamation mark denoting that they are offline. Now click on the staging website.

6. Repeat step 2, but now for the staging site by going to the Configuration page and selecting "Change Domain". 

7. Repeat step 3, but now change '' to the live domain ''.

8. Go to the 'Domains' section on the new site and re-add any relevant additional domains.

9. That's it you are done, you should be able to now browse the site on the new domain name. The Server Dashboard now displays the renamed sites with the green tick against the live domain: