An SMTP relay service is a service that helps you deliver bulk email that's sent from your website (contact form submissions, order confirmations, newsletters etc) by routing them through a 3rd party instead of delivering them direct from your Nimbus server.  Using one is a bit like posting your Christmas cards at the post office instead of driving round delivering them all yourself.  SMTP Relay providers have the infrastructure in place that can ensure your important emails reach your lovely customers' inboxes instead of being relegated to the SPAM folder, and can give you some valuable insight as to what happens to those emails too.

Our new feature is a simple way to set up your websites to use your existing SMTP Relay service. 

To enable SMTP relay on the server, simply log in to the Hosting platform.  Click on Servers, select the appropriate server, then Configuration and scroll down to SMTP Relay.

Enable the option and add the additional information required (you can get these from your SMTP Relay provider) and press update

Once enabled you'll see the option to enable the feature per website, toggle it on for the sites you're looking to enable it for and click Send Test Email to check it's working.